Frost Murphy is transforming coaching to prepare winners on and off the stage

In recent years, disciplines of martial arts from across the world have gained quite a lot of popularity in the USA. What makes martial arts different from other sports is that it requires more than just strength, to excel in martial arts requires sheer planning, training and dedication. The number of people opting for martial arts training is on the rise. While some are learning for fitness, others are getting inspired by movies and other forms of media, while most millennials are learning it for self-defense and camaraderie. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach Frost Murphy talks about martial arts and it’s potential to be life-changing.

Born in 1980 in Fort Worth Texas, George Murphy IV went to Texas Tech University. During his college days, Murphy worked for one of the top real estate companies of the country, earning himself quite a name in the field of real estate. From closing in properties at the speed of light to flipping houses, he did it all. But his heart lied somewhere else and thus, he chose to change his career path, pursuing the one thing he absolutely loved, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

‘Life is too short and should not be full of regrets’, this is the principle which Murphy followed. He pulled away from his lucrative real estate career to pursue his passion for Jiu-jitsu. Soon, he became one of the first few Americans to be bestowed with the highest degree in martial arts, a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Frost Murphy Joined his coaches, Hai Nguyen and Eric Williams, to open more locations of Elite MMA, and soon martial arts enthusiasts started enrolling to train in various forms of the art.

Frost has trained a number of talented Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters, most of whom have gone on to win tournaments and bring home accolades of their own. His unique coaching style not only prepares his students to win on stage but also to emerge victorious in life. He takes pride in helping shape the lives of students and transforming them into disciplined individuals. When speaking about the empowering quality of martial arts, Murphy shared the story of one of his students, “I remember a lady telling me she was signing up for classes because her husband was physically abusing her and her children, she wanted to build up the courage to divorce him and teach her children to defend themselves. I was like, “Wow!”, I didn’t realize our program was capable of that.”

Murphy is a successful entrepreneur in fitness, real estate, and the oil and gas industry. He is also involved in several charitable and community service programs. Learning martial arts is an essential skill to have. It’s a practice that can provide a sense of empowerment and be a useful tool for self-defense. It is a great exercise, which enhances overall fitness, increases agility, improves reflexes and builds core strength.