Future Plans For Finn Balor Revealed

Source: inquisitr.com

After missing almost seven months because of the shoulder injury, Finn Balor returned to action on Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania as he participated in the main event tag team match with Seth Rollins. Jericho was supposed to be in the duel, but he got taken out, and somebody had to step in, so that was the way for the company to bring in The Demon King.

Still, ever since he came back, he hasn’t had a legit storyline. In his second week, he made short work of Jinder Mahal while getting a small concussion. Luckily, that was not enough to keep him away from the ring as he easily squashed Kurt Hawkins in his third week back on this edition of Monday Night Raw.


Bray Wyatt got moved to the red brand, and he showed up on the big screen after Balor beat Mahal last week. The reports are saying that he is likely going to be feuding with Bray Wyatt after the Payback PPV, but since The Eater Of Worlds has a championship match coming at that pay per view, Balor will have to wait after that event for Bray.

Even though he won the Universal Title and never actually lost it as he had to give it up because of the injury, the plans for him right now are not to be in the title picture on Monday Night Raw for at least several months. With all this talk about Roman and Strowman, it’s really hard for us to imagine him challenging for the championship as long as Lesnar has the title.