The Evolution of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

For all the fans of Fast and Furious, this weekend is reserved for its latest sequel, Fate of the Furious. Dwayne The Rock Johnson has been in the center of attention for quite some time, being busy with lots of projects that he has taken. So, this weekend represents the continuation of his success and fame. So, it will surely be worth watching.

And while waiting to see Dwayne in his new edition, Youtube has been enriched with another short video of him going through all acting phases in life. Before to the current situation where we have an already established actor in Hollywood, his earlier career regarding WWE also had to be brought up.

So, firstly we see Johnson in his 1990 cameo in That ‘70s Show, in which he appeared as a wrestler. Another show in which he made his appearance and you may be pleasantly surprised and reminded upon hearing is Star Trek: Voyager. All of these scenes can be seen in the 11 minutes long video as his career is really full of many parts and projects, as we have already mentioned.

But what is it that relates all of these acting scenes and his success in that field? He achieved many great things, that is for certain, and he owns it all to his enormous talent and charm that has followed him since the beginning of his path. Although it seems as if he was in a way born with it, the talent alone was surely not enough. What stands behind his great success are his efforts, persistence and strong will. And we can come to that conclusion only by watching this short video. One can only imagine what else lies behind it all and what is yet to come. One thing is for certain, whatever he decides to do, he will make sure to do it the best way he can.

The Rock stands as one of the most impressive athletes, showmen and ultimate perfectionists of our time. All while proving to have a grand heart, honest humor and appreciation of other human beings and their craft. The Rocks’ work ethic is something, every human being can be inspired by. Should you live by his example, a motivating woman on your side can make all the difference. Imagine crushing your goals and targets, while one of the ladies of the Ivana Escort Model Agency keeps you company. Be more like The Rock!