Galavant Season 3 Release Date and Latest News

We assume you are highly excited about “Galavant” Season 3 and you can’t wait to hear something about it. When it comes to the third season development, the good thing is that numerous members of the team, including producers, writers, cast, as well as composers, are eager to come back and work on a new batch of Galavant episodes. However, the bad thing is that one team member, the rather important one, is not ready to come back. As you may guess, we are talking about Joshua Sasse who plays Sir Gary Galavant.

After the third season of this musical drama had been canceled in May last year, fans joined their forces and set up a petition in order to fight for the series renewal. Now that most of the original crew members have been reported to be ready to film another Galavant season, you would think the problem is solved, and there’s not much that can stop them from doing so. Unfortunately, the great knight Joshua Sasse seems to be more interested in another ABC’s project titled “No Tomorrow.”

According to TV Line, “No Tomorrow” is expected to last for quite some time, judging by the great popularity it received shortly after the premiere. This comedy-drama series follows the life of a woman named Evie who lives in Seattle and works in a supply warehouse. At some point, she becomes involved with a free-spirited man, Xavier Holliday, who is portrayed by Sasse. It is this character that allegedly made the actor cut his knightship term in “Galavant.”

All things considered, for the time being, everything we know implies that there will be no long-awaited “happily ever after” in Galavant story. Even if something changes and they do create a new season of the series, perhaps, we have to accept that Joshua Sasse won’t be a part of either of the two. We can hope the producers will surprise us and deliver “Galavant” Season 3, but we should not expect that to happen anytime soon.