Hell On Wheels Season 6 Release Date and News


A very popular TV series, which lasted for five seasons – Hell On Wheels is rumored to be renewed for the sixth season and that it should be returning during this year.

Plot twist

As we have seen, the first five seasons were mostly set in a historical time where cowboys were the most amazing and popular guys in the society. Hell On Wheels Season 5 at its end gave a nice closure to the issues in the series, so Season 6 might bring some modern twist and a great makeover.

Imagine major characters in modern time settings. Wouldn’t that be an extraordinary thing to see? Moreover, turning a historical-themed series into a modern one would be quite a refreshment, though it would probably be difficult to sustain.


With a change of the setting of Hell On Wheels, some analysts say this might be the final season of the show, to everyone’s great disappointment. However, there is still something to look forward to, which is precisely another sequel of the show.

Hell On Wheels Season 6 New Cast

When it comes to the cast of Hell On Wheels Season 6, there might be some new members on board. According to some reports, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron might be joining the cast. Nonetheless, we cannot say anything for sure until there is an official announcement from the people behind the show.


Netflix – New Home Network?

AMC was the home network of Hell On Wheels for five seasons, but some reports say it is no longer interested in renewing it, which means the showrunners are to look for a new house that will be willing to continue with this show.

The top bidders for the sixth season of Hell On Wheels are said to be Netflix and Freeform. However, no official confirmation has been delivered yet, so do not take this as a final solution.