Did he survived this?!

Most of the time we think that the luckiest people are those that are famous, rich, that have a good life or beautiful family or are blessed with good jobs or simply live in nice places. Today, I think that the luckiest man, if not of all time, then this week is Roberto Carlos from Brazil. Why, you may ask?

Well, this guy from Brazil was walking down the street of his hometown when he was hit in the head. The object that hit him was a car tire that flew like a bullet from a nearby highway. The odds of a tire coming off a car is one to million, but chances that tire will cross more than a hundred meters and that it will hit Roberto straight in the head are even slimmer. But that was just what happened.

Following the hit, he was quickly transferred to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the rib cage and contusion of the skull. Shortly after the admission, he was taken care of by medical stuff, but they have questioned around as to how did he get those injuries. Not much later most people have seen the video and so did the doctors at the hospital, and the question was the same for all. How in the world did he survive that?