Fun Things You Can Do With Custom Minifigures

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While many people are avid fans of LEGO Minifigures, you can be different or give someone something special with custom minifigures. Whether you want a custom figure of celebrities, science fiction characters, cartoon characters, gaming, and even your loved one’s version of a minifigure, these are all possible. You can also do fun things using custom minifigures, and this is what this post is all about. 

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Flaunt and Display Your Custom Minifigures

One of the best things you can do with custom minifigures is to display your collection in a cool display rack or cabinet protected with clear glass, serving as home décor. If you’re too busy with life and want to see your favorite gaming characters or celebrities when you get home, custom minifigures are your best bet.

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Here are some good reasons why you should consider displaying your custom minifigures:

  • Keep the ambiance of your room casual and inviting.
  • Custom minifigures serve as a symbol of your dreams and aspirations from your childhood life and if you want them, check
  • Remember your loved one who is miles away and even those who passed away with a smile on your face.

Introduce Famous People to Your Children

A fun way to educate your children about people is using custom minifigures. Undoubtedly, your child will be so excited to know the great achievements of scientists, presidents, mathematicians, musicians, actresses and actors, and other famous people.

Here are some of the custom minifigures of famous people you might want to introduce to your kids as part of learning history:

  • President Donald Trump: Narrate how Donald Trump turned from a renowned business tycoon to a US president, and his great traits that Americans admire.
  • Albert Einstein: Tell of the great works and discoveries of Albert Einstein that made him one of the most famous scientists of all time.
  • King Arthur: Tell the story of King Arthur and how he showed bravery amidst all battles.
  • Bean: Narrate how your childhood became colorful and lively because of watching Mr. Bean’s shows. 
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Role-Playing Games with Kids

Custom minifigures make an excellent tool for role-playing. Preschoolers and school-age children love role-playing games as part of a developmental milestone. It’s a way to learn adult roles and gain helpful insights to help children learn and face the reality of life.

Through role-playing, children develop motor, problem-solving, social, and critical-thinking skills. Using custom minifigures is a good way to highlight the importance of observing good manners and right conduct at all times. Instill discipline and teach the value of hard work, patience, and perseverance to your children through role-playing using custom minifigures.

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Here are some tips in using custom minifigures when playing with kids:

  • As a parent, be there as the initiator, educator, and a playmate for your kids.
  • Tell relevant stories, linking real-life situations to custom minifigures, such as asking for an apology if someone is hurt, or saying “thank you” when receiving a gift or an award.
  • Don’t use custom minifigures for violence like hurting someone or killing an enemy. Instead, use it to promote responsible actions, kindness, forgiveness, and sportsmanship. 

Custom Minifigures as Unique Gifts and Souvenirs

Whether it’s your son’s birthday or your daughter’s debut, custom minifigures are unique gifts that will be forever treasured and remembered. Just imagine giving away custom minifigures of yourself and your husband or wife as wedding souvenirs. Also, a custom minifigure of your cute baby makes a perfect souvenir for their first birthday and Christening.

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Here are some tips and tricks when considering minifigures as gifts or souvenirs:

  • Provide the best photo of your loved one to the custom minifigure maker to come up with the closest face or figure possible.
  • Know the favorite color or character of your child to incorporate such details to the custom minifigures.
  • Process your order early, so you have enough time to receive and beautifully pack your custom minifigure gifts or giveaways. 

Custom Minifigures as Collections

People collect different things that serve as a source of inspiration, relaxation, or pride, such as stamps, postcards, expensive toys, gadgets, bags, or cars. Collecting rare custom minifigures is also a good idea. It’s one way to express your thoughts and emotions through these colorful, cool, and personalized minifigures to relieve stress from a hectic day. 

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Custom minifigures are amazingly beneficial both to children and adults. You can give custom minifigures as special gifts or giveaways, put them on display as home décor, use them as children’s educational resources or learning tools, and use them to introduce famous personalities to students in a fun way. Indeed, custom minifigures are fun to play and learn, giving people both education and entertainment.