The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Instagram’s Success

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Instagram is the most famous social networking app which was founded in 2010 and is now owned by Facebook. There are approximately 800+ million users on the platform and around 70 million photos are uploaded on a daily basis. All these users interact with each other through likes or tags.

These interactions on social media leave a huge amount of data to be analyzed, which once done can give big Intel to the businesses. It can tell about the behavioral insights of the customer and you believe it or not, Instagram can be a big data company.

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Let us look at the big data and artificial intelligence technology used by Instagram these days.

The Search Function

Through the hashtags, geotags, and trending information, the users can search for the updates from a particular page or about a particular product. They can discover the experiences, topic or an event. With the help of tagging, users can discover the things that interest them across the mammoth of uploaded images.

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Advertising for the Target Audience

To make its data authentic, customer insights must be derived from it. Through the search results and customer engagement, Instagram can promote advertising to the businesses to reach the specific market and who would be more welcoming to that context of the message. Facebook owned Instagram has a huge data analytics branch which can help target-based advertising on people who like the product and what they have to say about them. You can check Famoid’s services to reach out to a specific target group.

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Creating Customer Delight

To  retain the users on the platform, it is important to show the users what they prefer. With the huge amount of data, it becomes extremely hard to cater to the requirement of each user. Instagram changed their reverse-chronological feed to highlighting posts which are more relevant to the users. Machine learning algorithms are used to understand the user’s need and display the content accordingly. These algorithms gave birth to the concept of personalized feed.

Stop Spamming

Artificial Intelligence has been deployed to stop spams. Spam filters are able to detect the unwanted content and it is automatically removed. It uses Facebook’s artificial intelligence for text analytics algorithm called DeepText which is able to read the context of the message just like a human.

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Filtering Offensive Comments and Preventing Cyberbully

With an increasing number of cases of cyberbullying, Instagram was the first one to use machine learning algorithms to automatically delete the offensive content. Other social media platforms depend solely on users to report the content and then they take action.

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Analyzing the Human Condition

With an increasing number of data, it would have been difficult for humans toanalyze the enormous data. It is with the help of machine learning that we able to getinsights by studying humans.  This exhibits the power of big data technologies like machine learning, DeepText algorithm, and other automated algorithms.

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Instagram has been continuously using different technologies and algorithms to enhance its platform for users and businesses. The enormous data provide insights about what is going around in the world.