Heroes Reborn Season 2 Release Date


Apparently, NBC is canceling the Heroes Reborn series. The reason behind it is a controversy which, according to news reports, this miniseries had, and that is why creator Tim Kring had decided to end the show. This was confirmed by NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt who said that Heroes Reborn are definitely not returning for Season 2 and that the show was intended to have only one season. Greenblatt stated, “As far as I know there are no more incarnations of “Heroes” coming, and the plan is to put out just one season,” and this was given to the Variety at the Television Critics Association.

But that is not all. Robert Greenblatt did not specifically said that Heroes Reborn are definitely not coming back anymore. Just to be clear, he gave a statement on that matter saying “Heroes Reborn is more-than-likely done unless Tim woke up one day and said, ‘Oh, I have another chapter to tell.'” The series creator Tim Kring stated, just before this one debuted last year that this is a TV Show that has several stories to tell. His exact words were “It’s a show about ordinary people with extraordinary powers. It’s an indeterminate [amount of] people around the world and then they have to save the world”.


As you already know so much has happened to this series, and it is unnatural to follow great TV Series with another one equally good. It is always left for a movie industry to make a sequel, which somehow ends up failing every time. But you can think of Heroes as the “Friends” show, and try to imagine that one with a sequel or even a prequel, and you and we both know that it would suck big time. Fans of the Heroes Reborn all over the world haven’t forgotten the huge success of the first series that aired ten years ago, and you can bet that we didn’t forget as well. One question here keeps popping up, and it is if the Heroes Reborn was such a huge hit, why in the world did NBC close the story so abruptly?

Somehow we feel that NBC didn’t put a lot effort into this. They could have found different options and ways to make the show even more interesting to the fans. Maybe that will change, maybe the director will actually come to the office one day and say “Oh, I have another chapter to tell” and we will have Season 2 on our hands. Every option is open so far.

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