Game of Thrones – The Death in the Latest Episode Was Right What Was Expected


Everyone expected something huge to happen in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, that is to say, it was expected that somebody significant would die. And so it happened – one of Dany’s dragons got slain by the Night King.

One should have guessed that would happen when Dany took all her dragons to fly north instead of just one, as was her custom. She and her dragons seemed unstoppable in their heroic rescue of Jon’s crew. Unfortunately, poor Viserion ended up deadly wounded and fell into the icy water, his death thus being inevitable.

All of us know that Dany said that the dragons would be the only children she would ever have and how Viserion’s death would be devastating for her, but it also had a rather positive impact on the Great War. The stakes for the Great War haven’t been so high since Dany warmed up to Jon. It was evident that she would help him fight the White Walkers and it was expected that she and her dragons would always be unstoppable, but now the situation has changed. Viserion was taken down with one ice spear, and the same would probably have happened to Drogon if Dany hadn’t flown away with him leaving Jon behind.


Apart from that, we have never seen a real dragon vs. dragon fight and a scene of the army of the dead hoisting Viserion’s corpse in order to resurrect him and turn him into a bright blue-eyed dragon that will serve to Night King. Moreover, now the Great War has become real for Dany. It’s impossible for one side to have all the firepower all the time. This way it will certainly be more exciting.

Everyone’s looking forward to the Season 7 finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday, August 27, when we’ll be watching it on HBO. Until then, you can check out the Season 7 finale trailer.