Gamers! Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers


The Gamers! Episode 12 gave the fans some conclusion, but there are still things which need to be explained. One of the things is why Keita Amano’s relationship has become so complicated and how? Those answers will come in the Gamers! Season 2.

The anime is, of course, based on the Gamers! light novel that was published in 2015 for the first time. Author Sekina Aoi is the writer whereas Saboten illustrated it and so far, the series has reached Volume 8 in Japan. Even though it is not officially confirmed the new volume should be out in November, as the previous volumes have been published in March, July, and November of each year.

The manga has been introduced this year, but it is behind the story of the light novels, as expected. It will be hard for the English readers because no one has licensed the books for international release. Good news is that fan projects have translated the novel up to Volume 2 while there is a new project which will start from Volume 5.


Gamers! Season 2

The initial episodes in Gamers! Season 1 have been excellent, but since Episode 11, the story in the anime has not been following the one in the light novels, making the fans dissatisfied with the adaptation. For instance, Karen Tendou and Amano’s relationship is stagnant whereas the dungeon theme park events are dramatic instead of humorous.

In the light novels, groups had to be divided into dating pairs, while each partner was supposed to have earplugs and shades that prevent you from seeing anything. The haunted house had one goal – to frighten the people in there so that their physical connection and relationship grows.

Also, Tasuku Uehara knew that they would be paired based on colors, and not only randomly, so he told Tenou because he wanted himself to be paired with his girlfriend Aguri, whereas she would be matched with Amano, her boyfriend. The things didn’t go so smooth as Konoha, Chiaki Hoshinomori’s baby sister took the color which was saved for Tendou, messing everything up.


To make things worse, the house paired them randomly, and they thought they were matching with a particular person, which was clearly not what happened. This was not the case in the anime, and the entire sequence of the events turned out differently than the one in the novels. Konoha and Uehara started flirting, but just because both of them through the other one was Amano. Meanwhile, Tendou and Chiaki hugged whereas Amano and Aguri though they were with their boyfriend/girlfriend, so they decided to kiss at the end, while everyone was watching.

The Gamers! light novels are about misunderstandings in relationships, but anime creators decided to go the other way and avoid the essence. The story of the anime is original, which is not always a good thing.


Gamers! Season 2 Release Date

Gamers! Season 2 Release Date is unknown, and we are waiting for anime production company Pine Jam to make a move. We can only make speculations, while there is a possibility that Gamers will mark the number of seasons with exclamation points just like New Game!

Season 2 of Gamers! Spoilers

In the light novels, misunderstandings build up continuously, and some fans are favoring Chiaki and Amano, while the others would like to see Tendou and Amano. In Volume 6, Chiaki and Amano talked, but Amano wanted them to remain friends, and while they plan to explain everything to Tendou, Karen overheard one part of their conversation which led her to believe that they had become a couple.


In the meantime, Uehara is devastated that Aguri, his girlfriend always has a good time with Amano, whereas Tendou realized Amano has more things in common with Chiaki as she cleared up her misunderstanding with her boyfriend. Chiaki saw Tendou and Amano kissing, and then she burst into tears. Eventually, both Tendou and Uehara broke up with Amano and Aguri who were baffled with what has just happened.

Tendou breaks up with Amano because she wanted to win his heart purely and not based on a misunderstanding, which is how their relationship started in the first place. Also, Uehara left Aguri because when he started going out with her, he felt nothing initially, but he fell in love, later on, so he wanted to start off on the right foot.


Amano is forced to go on a date with Chiaki by Konoha and Tendou, and they have a good time talking about various topics such as games. They ask Eiichi Misumi, the Game Club member whom they saw in one of the gaming shops they visited, what to do on a date and he tells Amano to invite Chiaki home, insinuating something, but they just come home and play games.

Amano is torn because he loves Karen, but now he also feels something for Chiaki, so he tells this to Konoha, who has become his “love counselor.” She forces him to talk, and Amano shouts out loud his feelings for Chiaki, while he didn’t realize she was standing behind. That was Konoha’s plan all along.

These are just some of the stories which should be dealt with in Gamers! Season 2. However, since the show has taken the original path, we might see some changes. Either way, both light novel readers and anime fans will have to wait to see what happens next.