Garrett To Elliot: “You Can Be Like LeBron James”

If the Cowboys had the chance to re-do the 2016 NFL Draft all over, there is no doubt that they would select Ezekiel Elliott yet again with their 4th overall pick. Zeke has been so good for this team last season that we really can’t imagine anybody else in that backfield, taking that ball out and hitting the holes that the best offensive line in the game is providing.

Even though he has had a rough month of July with the off the field stuff that is troubling him, the franchise has given him their full support. The same can be said for the teammates. Everybody realizes what this guy brings to the table and just how crucial he is going to be for the success of this team in 2017.

They know that running the ball is the way to win and Ezekiel Elliott is the prime tool for that. Just the speed that he has is really something that the Cowboys can’t replace. The offensive line is really good, a lot of backs would look good running behind it, but not quite like Zeke.

Coach Jason Garrett has had some high praise for this running back. He knows that he can be one of the best, but those off the field troubles need to be avoided.

“My point to him is ‘If you maximize your abilities, you might be able to make $200 million off the field, Like LeBron. Or you could make a million.’ I mean, say you0re AT&T, or you’re Pepsi. You’re looking for a spokesman for your product. What would you do right now? You’d probably say if you’re one of those companies, ‘Oh, we’ll go with Dak. Or we’ll go with Jordan Spieth.’ But that’s in his control.”