Mayday, Mayday! There is a shark on the…Boat?!

Well sailing is one of those sports where you go to have some fun, calm your nerves, relax and enjoy. But sailing can have its bad side as well. The bad sides of this don’t happen that often but when it does it is usually a run-for-your-life problem. What you will see here is one of those freak of nature happenings that happened to one sailing family.

What actually happened is a huge, and very confused shark jumped into a boat full of people not far from Long Island in New York. Next natural step of course is a total frenzy and panic of the people on the boat who fled into the cabin and watched this beast flap around stuck in the boat’s rails. The British Sun also wrote about this, and we managed to find a video of this unpleasant event.


In the video you will see that the shark got stuck in the grids that encased the life raft, and began to fight panically to get rid of it. The rows of sharp teeth started biting everything around, causing the people on the boat run for their lives and the only sanctuary was the boat’s cabin.

The video also hides the fearsome cry of a woman, as well as the conversations of several people who tried to come up with a way to free the shark that got stuck. After a few minutes they managed to free the shark, which, with great excitement, returned to the sea where it belongs. Check out the crazy video that stormed the social media and left everyone in disbelief.