Dwayne Johnson the rescuer – 5 times he actually saved a fallen franchise!

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Do we actually need to say anymore about this guy? Hasn’t it all been said so far? Well it seems that we somehow skipped to see that he actually managed to save at least five franchises during his time as an actor. He started way back in 2001’s with The Mummy Returns and now he has set his sights at the DC Extended Universe and Universal’s Dark Universe, or so it is rumored.

Since he is easily one of the most beloved and high paying actors of our time it is no wonder that everyone wants to be his colleague and every franchise wants to have him in order to boost their rating. Here are just five of the franchises that The Rock managed to pick up from dirt and send shooting to the stars.

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#1 – Fast Five (2011)

Fast and Furious franchise has always been a solid performer plus it had characters that are easily likeable and fun but with addition of the Rock as the agent out to take down Dom and his crew, this franchise became one of the biggest hits ever. No one can even try to doubt Johnson’ aid in bringing the F&F franchise to the new heights, both critically and commercially. There is also some rumors that are stating a spinoff film for Johnson and co-star Jason Statham is almost a done deal.

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#2 – Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island (2012)

If you recall in 2008 Brendan Fraser led the family-friendly adventure, based on the novel by Jules Verne, to a huge success. When the time for sequel came everyone agreed (on the insistence new director Brad Peyton) that Johnson is the best choice if you want to boost the film’s profile. If you want to know the result just ask anyone if they saw the second installment. Journey 2 The Mysterious Island smashed the box office grossing nearly $100 million more than its predecessor. Need we say more?

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#3 – G.I. Joe – Retaliation

We must admit that G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a box office hit but it wasn’t the kind of hit that Hasbro have hoped for. The sequel actually served as a soft reboot of the original film in which Johnson used his proven appeal to boost this one up and he managed to do so but just slightly. It seems that even The Rock has limitations and can only do so much.

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#4 – Baywatch (2017)

Well this is a strange one and we believe that many of you out there will start reading by now but hear us out. You have probably spotted the pattern here by now. Imagine this. Yes the Baywatch was a huge disappointment and yes it failed to earn back its $69 million budget domestically but imagine how bad would it be if Johnson didn’t star in it. Image the debacle and the destruction of the 1990s cult hit.

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#5 – Jumanji – Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

Well we are probably a little early with this one but thanks to the mix of stars like Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan in the same “pot” with the astrally famous The Rock this one can not loose. The reboot of the 1995 adventure film is definitely a box office hit and although it might be somewhat different than the original it will knock our socks off! It is a sure thing for families in search of something to take their children to and older fans eager to see if it will honor the cherished memory of the original Robin Williams hit.

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