Cristiano Ronaldo Wants Seven Children – Everything is about number seven with him!


Although he already has a seven-year-old son Cristiano Jr. and four-week-old twins Eva and Mateo Cristiano thinks that it is still not enough. He set his mind at having four more kids besides these three. His mind is set on ‘magic’ number seven.

As we managed to find out, Cristiano’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, 22, is expecting the their fourth child which comes right after the recent birth of Cristiano’s four-week-old twins Eva and Mateo. They were born via a surrogate, and Cristiano also revealed that his seven-year-old son Cristiano Jr is prepared, and expecting more siblings. Cristiano gave a statement to the Chinese TV reporter, and it was also confirmed by Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha, that “Cristianinho is very happy. He’s doing well and says he wants more brothers and sisters. He wants seven, the magic number, and I think that’s good”.


Most of his fans know this, but those of you who don’t, Cristiano is a very huge fan of the number seven. Cristiano has his own brand and he named it CR7 after his initials and his squad number for Real Madrid and his former team Manchester United. He also definitely confirmed for everyone that his 22 year-old girlfriend is expecting again and when the reporter asked him if he is excited about the pending arrival he very happily answered “Yes, very much”. Cristiano is almost invincible on the pitch and he can do everything with ease, but when it comes to diapers he admitted that he is not doing very good, but he tries a lot and he said that he will continue to try still. He confirmed that by stating “I’m not very skilled at that, but I try”.

The fact that he is very enthusiastic and thrilled when it comes to his kids is best shown with his latest picture posted on Instagram just last month shows him cradling his twins. He captioned that one “So happy to be able to hold the two new loves of my life”. When he was asked about his twins Eva and Mateo he stated that “They are precious, I am delighted. Yes, I am, I’m very happy”.