Geely’s Lynk & Co is not an ordinary China-made digital car

A brand-new stage is set for Geely’s latest automobile. This China-based car manufacturer had partnered with the European giant, Volvo, to create an entirely new enterprise which is centered on developing the ultimately connected service utility vehicle.

This Euro-Asian alliance is rightfully called by the name China Euro Vehicle Technology. The team had been working very hard for some years to develop this new method of building cars. With the combination of their skills and other assets, they were able to come up with CMA, the type of automobile architecture responsible for the creation of the new Lynk & Co car company.

It is still yet very rare to hear of cars with dedicated Internet connectivity. The hybrid Lynk & Co 01 compact SUV is indeed one of its kind. They are the pioneers in the market about these types of cars with open application program interface and a devoted store app. As they strongly claim, Geely wishes to make Lynk & Co appealing to the millennials and as good as the original Volvo. It hopes to integrate care safety as well as online connectivity on this brand-new set of cars.

Additionally, Lynk & Co is following Tesla’s initiative on the distribution of its cars. They said they will work directly with their consumers in the marketing of their automobiles instead of employing independent dealers and contractors. In this way, they will be able to save a lot of money and cut the cost on their operating expenses. Although, it would also have some forerunner stores across the globe. The first wave of these vehicles is expected to come out in China in the year 2017. Then, it shall go to the United States and Europe after that.

Lynk & Co is confident of its unique automobile technology. It has its own cloud which makes it easily connected to the worldwide web. It is proud to present is partnership with the telecommunications company, Ericsson, to make this type of connectivity possible. Ericsson has facilities which is only few minutes away from the CEVT headquarters. They are practically neighbors with Volvo.

Lynk & Co is more than just another Chinese enterprise trying to find its way into the Western market. Leading this pact of engineers are two highly-skilled European engineers who have several years of experience and training in developing quality cars. Hence, it will be likely that these new vehicles will also have the quality that most European cars possess.