Mac Book Pros will soon be introduced by Apple

Apple will host the special event at the company headquarters in Cupertino on October 27, at 10 a.m. It is expected that in this event Apple presents their updated versions of MacBook Pro.

However, we are not sure that this event will be about Macs, but that is the logical assumption. According to some rumors, new updated devices will receive a set of touch-sensitive OLED keys, which will change depending on what application you are using at the moment.

Another theory is that Apple may introduce new USB-C ports to the Pro. The USB-C port is already located on the MacBook and it is used for charging and connectivity. This port will come instead of the USB-A the MacBook Pro currently uses. Hopefully, Apple will install more than one port as well as the Thunderbolt 3. When the USB-C port was equipped for the first time, one struggled to find adapters and docks, but luckily that has changed.

Comparing to the current model, the new Pro will probably be thinner and lighter. In addition, the butterfly-mechanism keyboard is a possibility, next to a larger trackpad. We also need to consider the fact that Sierra supports Apple Pay on the Internet. Due to that fact, this can be the first time that Apple will include Touch ID so that you can authorize payments easily.

Other Mac devices could receive some improvements, as MacRumors Buyers Guide stated. A Haswell processor was integrated into the Mac mini in October two years ago. MacBook Air received 8GB of RAM in April 2016 whereas Mac Pro hasn’t been upgraded since 2013 and his future is questionable. Furthermore, iMac was redesigned a year ago, but nothing happened after that.

Another possibility is that Apple will present a new 5K display with the GPU or new iMacs. We will wait and see.