General Motors Company (GM): Future of Connected Cars Looks Bright

In today’s time, the technology is changing very fast, not only in relation with the internet based products and services, but also in the automotive industry. The world has already heard and watched electric cars; hence, this is the time to unveil the next big thing, connected cars. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM); the top notched automotive company is all set to enter in the world of connected cars.

Insights of the matter

A press conference that took place right before the Consumer Electric Show on Sunday, the company introduced various OnStar programs that are designed to make road trips and general maintenance easy for people. The only thing that is needed to activate this service is an active OnSite subscription.

Why It’s Important

GM is already into 4G LTE technology. It has executed various steps to ensure a smooth connectivity on-the-go in cars. According to industry experts, it’s not about facilitating your kids to watch YouTube videos, but establishing sound connection between the company and the users and make their experience world-class.

Along with the world-class experience, additional business opportunities can also be found out through this way. The recently made announcement of GM include:

  • Progressive Insurance Smart Driver Assessment Program: In a few months’ time, users who choose to subscribe for OnStar with 4G LTE service, will be able to sign-up for a three month survey of their driving preferences and habits. The data received can be sent to insurance companies for getting a better price on auto insurance.
  • Proactive maintenance alerts: With this service, the driver keeps getting messages containing information about inner working of the car, whenever there is a need for attention. The information is related to battery, fuel pump, and starter motor. GM promises to add more components in the future.
  • AtYourService: If you are driving and need any help in relation with hotels, gas stations, or any other service, then this service can help you big time.