4 Effective Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media


Currently, there are still businesses that are skeptical about social media and collaboration with it. Despite the effectiveness in interacting with potential clients that they provide. Therefore, sometimes brands do not even consider these platforms for generating leads. In fact, this is a big mistake and an oversight.

Social media have long been firmly embedded in the lives of a huge number of people, and after the development of technology, it is hard to imagine a person who does not have a smartphone that does not have Instagram or Facebook downloaded. But this market is far from limited to the popular platforms themselves, there are narrower and more niche social networks that can be useful in developing and promoting a brand.

Why use Social Media to generate leads?

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One of the main reasons why the use of social networks for lead generation can be considered very advantageous is the presence of a huge audience of completely different ages and desires. If we look at Statista’s data, in 2021 there will be at least 3.1 billion active users. So it will be quite inexpensive and unambiguously effective to increase your brand awareness with their help.

Based on the data of your target audience, you can choose the social network they prefer and start a brand profile there. Also through this profile you will be able to promote your website and generate traffic from potential buyers there. Promoting the content you will create for your site through social media will increase the chances of its visibility and provide you with a steady stream of new potential customers.

Also, one of the undeniable advantages of social media is the ability to communicate directly with your audience. You can experiment with advertising strategies, arrange live surveys and try different approaches to the user of your product. Thus you become closer with the consumer and know better, what exactly he needs, thus you also receive loyalty to the brand and most likely for your services or the goods will return again, choosing them from all other possible variants.

Ways of Generating Leads in Social Media

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In the market of the modern world all services and products are presented in a great variety, that’s why what would generate leads through social networks need to choose strategies that will be useful and attractive to customers. In this case, do not forget that the brand should choose for their promotion is the social network in which there is a greater number of its audience. So you can be sure that you will work for an interested audience that wants to interact with your product.

1. Create a customer experience on social media

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Earning brand loyalty is hard enough, but if you get it you will gain loyal customers who will constantly bring in new ones. It seems that this is quite an unoriginal way and many companies use the possibility of close communication with the consumer in social networks to improve the service and support the customer, but here it all depends on how innovative and convenient your approach will be.

Analyze your audience, come up with different moves to solve possible problems and questions of your customer. For example, you can create a chat-bot that will answer the most frequent questions.

2. Create interesting and colorful content

There really is a huge competition in social media, with brands fighting for the customer’s attention. Quality content is an integral part of a product’s life. Often the use of special software or platforms where you can find social media content templates, that tools help to create a beautiful and colorful profile. Naturally, this method is not always universal, but if in your niche you can make your profile catchy and memorable you will get a great response from users.

Customers like visual content very much, you can also experiment with creating videos. Visual effects are good at stimulating feelings and evoking positive reactions, that’s why you should not forget about this important aspect when creating content. However, it is worth noting that videos should not be too long and they should reflect your brand values or practical tips on how to use your product. In such videos, you can talk about the work of the team that worked on the creation of the product or about its practical application, which will help to solve some customer needs.

3. Incorporate interactivity into your social media

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Invite your customers to participate in the development of the brand. Use different techniques to write engaging posts. You can also try using lead magnet templates, this can often prove useful when creating post descriptions with interactive content. You can run contests encouraging people to subscribe to your profile or perform key actions on your site. Create polls, generate interactive tasks, come up with your own hashtag. All this attracts new audiences and makes them follow your account closely, respectively, and the life of the product or brand.

4. Share information

At the moment, all social media users are passionate about finding new information. Create online courses. Try to solve the customer’s pain and problem with your product or brand in the content of these courses. Invite experts to your page, host live events and create checklists that your audience will be interested in.

An important aspect is that before creating any information product, it is worth it to study in detail the needs and interests of your target audience. It is very important that the information that you will share is useful and interesting to them.

In the end I would like to say that if you want to develop your business and increase the number of sales generating leads it is foolish not to pay attention to the huge audience and potential customers that social networks can provide your brand. Naturally, to attract the consumer on these platforms, you need to learn its desires and understand its problems, but with the right strategy for development in social networks to achieve a high return on investment is not difficult. And it can take your company to a completely different level of popularity and recognition, respectively, and income.