Ways To Get Permanent Relief From Lice


Lice are tiny insects mostly sheltering in human hair, they feed on the small amount of blood sucked from the scalp. The problem is very common, although it is effective for people of any age group but it is common found in children between three to twelve years of age.



Lice occur mainly by two ways, first by ignoring the proper hygiene and secondly by coming in contact with the infected person or their belongings. One of the biggest facts is that lice don’t jump, so they spread when one has direct head contact with the infected person. Also, it can spread when one uses the belongings such as comb, towel, pillow, blankets of the infected person.

As such lice does not cause any deadly disease but it’s a chronic spread which is very annoying. When lice suck blood from the scalp it causes itching and constant itching can lead to scratching of skin and further infection.



The problem of lice is chronic because it lays small eggs known as nits in abundance. Usually, these nits take just three to five days to hatch and form lice. This way the production rate is extremely high leading to reoccurrence.

Effect On Body

As discussed above lice causes severe itching but this does not start immediately after the lice bite, instead; it majorly depends on the sensitivity of the skin. There are instances where kids start scratching their head and body after a week of lice infection and in some cases it starts in a few hours. Also, the severity of irritation is different, for some it is very mild but for some it is so severe that they often ooze out some blood. Extremely scratching can also lead to infection causing redness of skin, swelling etc. Lice cannot jump but they can crawl smoothly from one head to another when in close contact.

Online Products For Permanent Solution

In the school going children the problem of lice is extremely common. It is not of the major concern for parents as well because if the child comes home with the infection then there is a fair possibility that other members of the family will also get infected by lice. At times it becomes a permanent and serious problem as the recurrent nature of the problem makes it very difficult to rid of the problem easily and permanently.

There are countless available online as well as suggested by the family members and friends to get rid from the lice but most of them fail to provide any noticeable result. In some cases it is observed that lice go for some time but come back in just a few days.It is very essential to look for a permanent solution to get rid of lice from the root. There are many online product selling companies claiming that their products are so effective that one can get relief from lice in just a few minutes.

For people who find these products useful and plan to give them a try, it is advised to know about the product in detail before use. This is so because the majority of these products make fake claims and also have adverse effects on the body, especially on children who have sensitive skin.

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Lifestyle Change


One needs to have patience while dealing with the problem of lice. Through cleaning of the body as well as the belongings takes time. Let’s take a look into some simple steps that can be of great help in getting from lice:

If one member of the family is found having lice infection then makes sure to check every member to ensure whether they are infected or not. If found infected that treatment should be done for all the infected members.

  • Use of medicated shampoo – Frequently uses medicated shampoo or lotions made to kill lice and nits. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and use accordingly. As these are medicated products, any mistake in use can have adverse effects on the body. Usually, kids who are less than two years of age are not recommended to use these shampoo and lotions because their skin is super sensitive and these chemical based products can cause harm.
  • Use lice comb –very fine tooth lice and nits combs are readily available in the market. One can buy one and use that in wet hair to remove the lice. This is the first line treatment for lice and is also very safe for small kids and adults.
  • Wash all the clothes and belongings – as this is a problem that is reoccurring in nature, so it is important to clean each and every belonging of the infected person very deeply. It is recommended to use hot water and soap solution for cleaning.
  • Keep unwashed items aside- there are certain items that cannot be washed, these items should be stored in airtight pouches and kept aside for minimum two weeks.
  • Deep vacuum cleaning –all the furniture and floorings should be vacuum cleaned before use.
  • Sterilise comb and hairbrushes –boil water to at least 130F add soap solution and this to clean hairbrushes and combs.

After performing all the remedies and safety measures, if the problem still persists then it means that it is the high time to visit a doctor. Medical experts perform proper examination of hair scalp and other parts of the body including genitals and based on the findings prescribe best suited medications. Some people make the mistake of ignoring this problem thinking that it does not cause any deadly effect on their body.


However, this is not the right approach because constant itching and scratching of skin and scalp can lead to redness and ultimately causes bacterial infection in the long run. To avoid such unpleasant situations it is advised to visit a doctor and follow the treatment exactly as suggested without any negligence. Following any instructions religiously can help in getting rid of lice and nits in minimum time.