5 Amazing Things you didn’t know a VPN could do


It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of the term VPN yet if you’re using internet services. However, chances are you haven’t got to the point of actually using it. Here’s a tip – start using it ASAP, because even if you may not be familiar with its importance yet, when you start using it, you’ll soon learn the value of it.


To briefly explain to those not familiar with its function and what it is, we’ll use the simplest possible language. It’s an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. Its role is to offer a simple software solution to protect your privacy on the internet while browsing. Why? Because, hackers love this information, therefore, you should keep them private.

It can also be used for other things, such as avoiding geographical blockages, so you have the access to all the content in the world, have faster download speed, and so on. There many apps and add-ons offering this kind of protection, VPNSurfers has prepared a list of the best ones. 

To illustrate, here’s an example. Let’s say you need to exchange a large amount of information with a colleague or a friend and a program that you need to use for this data transfer is requiring your computers to connect to the same network. Unfortunately, your friend or a colleague is out of town and not close to your computer. The simplest solution for you to ensure safe transfer is to configure VPN access to your network so that you and your friend become connected to your network via VPN. In this way, it seems that both are connected to the same local network and the exchanged information can be carried out very easily. In other words, it helps you improve on your local network, even if you’re both only connected to the Internet in different locations.

Now that you understand its purpose, here’s a couple of cool things you did not know it could do.

1. Hiding Your IP Address


You’ve noticed how some websites, for example, those with movie content like Netflix, use your address to find out your location. It’s the reason some content is not available in some countries. When you connect to such a protection tool, it has the ability to confuse your favorite websites that do not let you view the content you want to. For example, when you connect to it from the US or the EU, the website cannot find your concrete location. In EU cases, you’ll be directed to some other server, appearing you’re in Budapest, for instance.

Like it was mentioned in the introduction since it cannot track your concrete location, it cannot prevent you from having access to the content. Therefore, you’re free to browse whatever you like. Even download torrents. Or gamble wherever you like.  No more blockages or censorships.

2. Protection From Malicious Websites

Surfing the web safely has never been so challenging as it is today. It is really difficult to recognize which websites are safe and which are not. A lot of them look ok, but in reality, aim to enter your computer without your permission and install tracking software. This way they feed with all the private information you store, analyzing your behavior and misusing it.

The coolest thing about VPN is that it tricks and misleads them. Also, it has the ability to recognize such sites and prevent them from infecting you, by reacting quickly and blocking them. The damage is prevented before it’s done. Those annoying ads and pop-up windows are also blocked. Can you even imagine watching YouTube without being constantly interrupted by a commercial? Well, with this protection, it is very much possible.


3. Faster Streaming

When you subscribe to a certain internet provider and purchase a package at a certain speed, you think this is how fast I’ll be surfing. In reality, even you have purchased the fastest speed, you can still be frustrated because it doesn’t appear to be what was promised. It is because not every connection is made equally, regardless of the fact the speed of the package is the same. You notice this when you stream online.

There’s a lot of discrimination when it comes to online watching. For instance, if you want to watch the episode of your favorite show online, the website firstly assesses your location to see where you’re visiting from. Then it chooses what kind of stream speed will it give you. Yes, some locations have the privilege to access faster streaming. If the video is buffering all the time, it means you’re given the poor streaming option. To avoid this discrimination, simply use the VPN. As it was mentioned in the previous point, it will disguise your location, make it look more appealing, therefore offering you the entertainment of a lifetime. To stream all you can watch.

4. Liberating You From Spam Calls

As we said, you never know which website will use the opportunity to steal your private data, such as your phone number. Many social platforms or online stores require you to enter a phone number for better protection or to receive special deals. Then all of a sudden you start receiving calls and messages, offering you things you do not need. When you activate VPN, it will make sure you do not leave such traces, deleting all the data you entered. You’re finally free from those annoying people.

5. Freedom of Speech

Sometimes when you read something online that really provokes you to answer or state your opinion, you hold back, because of the awareness of someone watching. Someone important, like your superior.

With VPN you no longer need to hold back or hide. It’s like Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. Activate it, get it out of your system by stating your raw thought, and leave no trace of who it wrote.

These software tools are essential for save internet browsing. Therefore, if you haven’t installed one yet, do it as soon as you read this article.