Here Is Why The Giants Can Make Some Noise In The Playoffs

New York Giants have won their last two Super Bowl titles by getting hot at the right time of the year and showing up when they needed to do that the most. Eli Manning has had some magical rides in the postseason. Here is why he can do it again. Well, it’s not about him actually.

It’s about this defense that can get the job done. They spent a lof money in the offseason, and the results are showing. One of the worst defenses in the NFL last year resided in New York. Well, that is the case this year again, but not with the Giants. The Jets are the ones that are slacking this year, while, on the other hand, New York Football Giants have shown the ability to stop some people.

They are playing in the wide open NFC. Cowboys are the first overall seed right now, but the Giants have already beaten them twice. Seahawks are still a good team, but they are not the Hawks from the past couple of years. We can easily question if the other Playoff teams are at all better than the Giants.

Eli and Beckham can hook up for some expensive plays and do the damage pretty quickly. This Eli led crew has always been able to do that on any given Sunday. The difference now is that Giants have the defense that can protect that lead. The offense now doesn’t need to be perfect like they had to be in the last couple of seasons after the Giants won their last Super Bowl. They can do it again this year.