Giants’ Players Critical of Josh Norman For Not Covering Antonio Brown

Josh Norman has signed a 5-year deal with the Redskins that will pay him 75 million dollars. He was the best cornerback on the best defensive team last season. Everybody knew that the big payday is going to come for him in the offseason, and it did.

But having signed that big contract he actually put a target on his back, and everybody will expect him to cover the best receiver on opponents’ squad, even though he is not a classic cover corner like Revis in his prime.

Giants’ players, including Victor Cruz, have been asked about Norman and the lack of his matchups with Antonio Brown. They have stated that in fact, Norman was ducking Brown all night. Giants’ players think that he should have told his coach that he needs to be on Antonio Brown. In their eyes, he was avoiding the best Steelers’ receiver.

Giants’ will be playing against the Redskins in Week 3, and we will get to see Odell Beckam Jr. going up against Josh Norman yet again. Norman was able to get inside Beckham’s head, and he even got him suspended for one game.

It’s going to be fun watching those two against each other. Before that, we’ll see Josh Norman in action on Sunday when he has another great receiver to worry about. That man is Dez Bryant who also has a chip on his shoulder after Week 1.

Josh Norman has some things to prove. Games against Cowboys and Giants will be a perfect platform for him to show that he is worth the money Redskins invested in him this offseason.