Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept shown ahead of Paris unveil?

Dear reader, prepare to be wowed!
As you can assume from the title Mitsubishi has decided to surprise us all with an early unveil of its concept the GT-PHEV. They will pump up the enthusiasm of everybody by showcasing what’s to be expected at the Paris auto show which is starting on the 29th. The GT-PHEV is supposed to lead the way alongside the eX Concept as a possible replacement for the ASX and the Outlander which are ripe for retirement.

Mitsubishi has gone all the way with this one. The futuristic design inside and out are what’s catching the eye on the first look, but lots more is hiding beneath the surface! Its name gives us the heads up on what’s powering this beauty, and that’s Mitsubishi’s hybrid system that incorporates three electric motors with high output. Two of them are in charge of the rear axle and the third one for the front, creating continuous AWD.

Mitsubishi has stated that they have developed a special combustion engine that will work perfectly with the electric ones giving it around 75 miles all electric range and ten times more in the hybrid mode. This will also be possible thanks to a higher capacity battery pack that has been in preparation for the GT-PHEV. What incorporates all of this into one whole that is supposed to work for the vehicle is its electronic system and its onboard computer. It gathers all the information about your journey from the vast amount of sensors and cameras and translates that information’s to the drivetrain of the vehicle, which then produces the exact amount of force needed to maintain the best fuel economy for the given terrain or weather conditions.

Unfortunately not much is shared about the specifics of the GT-PHEV interior, except one thing. Mitsubishi is apparently using cocoon-like dash that is supposed to wrap around passengers making them feel even more comfortable. The wrap-around dash is also made in such fashion that it can with ease provide information about in-car systems, trip, and surroundings of the driver. Never the less according to Mitsubishi this is going to be “high-end SUV”, and we really believe them.

It wouldn’t have a GT (Gran Tourer) badge in its name if it couldn’t travel great distances without making the passengers feel fatigued or cramped. All of this just makes us more enthusiastic about it because all of this only ensures us that Mitsubishi has turned a new page on the comfort and refinement of its vehicles.