Robert Gillings: A Man of Many Talents and a Teller of Many Stories

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It is difficult for many individuals to make a living in the entertainment industry. In an industry where many are quick to move on to the “next big thing,” talented individuals often get forgotten and left behind through no real fault of their own.

Things are even tougher for those who do not spend the bulk of their time in front of the camera. Very few can reach that level of fame where they can be recognized anywhere.

Without the benefit of being a movie star, one must possess the undeniable talent to remain a relevant figure inside the entertainment industry for an extended time.

That is an apt description of the writer, director, producer, and actor Robert Gillings.

His career has spanned decades, and yet he remains a prominent figure in the industry due in large part to the quality of work he has already produced and the excitement building around his upcoming projects.

Robert Gillings’ Contributions to the Film Industry

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One of Gillings’ most significant contributions to the film industry is the feature film “American Fright Fest.” The film, which earned a national release and global distribution, offers a different and inventive take on the horror genre.

By subverting expectations while providing updated approaches to horror movie standbys, the film manages to offer a different kind of scare – one that you will not easily forget.

In addition to “American Fright Fest,” he has also received recognition for his earlier work on the movie “The Kings of Brooklyn.” The 2004 film received The Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival, per IMDb.

Gillings worked as a writer for both “American Fright Fest” and “The Kings of Brooklyn.”

His commitment to his projects is such that he is willing to shoulder any expenses to show that he is proud of his work. Upon learning that “American Fright Fest” would not be personally represented in London during its premiere, he hopped on a flight headed there, introduced the movie, and stayed to field some questions from members of the audience.

He has also taken on some acting roles in the films he’s written. He played a police offer in “American Fright Fest” and portrayed a power banker in “The Kings of Brooklyn.”

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Upcoming Projects

Not one to rest on his laurels, he is continuing to contribute to the entertainment industry.

One of his upcoming projects is entitled “My Darling.” The project mentioned above is a deeply personal one for Robert Gillings. He is aiming to capture the details of his lengthy and challenging divorce on paper via “My Darling.”

Gillings has already spoken about how difficult divorce can be, and “My Darling” is expected to share that sentiment with others.

The entertainment industry, stalwart is also currently in the process of writing for the new TV series “Paper Empire.” The project has already generated enough interest that industry veterans such as Wesley Snipes and Denise Richards have signed on for roles.

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Robert Gillings’ Work as a Consultant

As one would expect, being able to work in the entertainment industry for a long time has given him a unique perspective on the art of filmmaking. He does not want to let all of that knowledge go to waste, which is why he takes on consulting work via Robert Gillings Consulting.

Through the consulting firm, he shares his wisdom with various members of the community, including young actors still trying to establish themselves. Along with providing advice for navigating the entertainment industry, he also offers some tips regarding personal finance.

Speaking to IdeaMensch, Robert Gillings notes that he chose to put his name front and center for his consulting firm and production company because he wants people to know that those entities are just extensions of himself.

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An Architectural Designer

Something many people may not know about him is that he also has an interest in architectural design.

Due in large part to his connection to New York City and his sister being in Tower One of the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001 attacks, Gillings wanted to show his raw emotion through the design he submitted to the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition, and it was even showcased in art galleries across New York.

Gillings Shares Life Advice

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Considering his wealth of diverse life experiences, he is uniquely qualified to provide advice to those who are still looking to make it in just about any industry.

As he state one of the most helpful habits people can pick up is to wake up early. He places great importance on being able to work while others are still comfortably sleeping.

He is also big on being adequately prepared to take on any challenge because he believes that opportunities can arise at any time. By always preparing, people will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of being dependable. Doing so gets people to buy in. From there, people can also go the extra mile for their clients if they want their business to grow.

He is a distinguished member of the entertainment industry, but he can do more than work on TV shows and films. A lifetime of hard work and dedication has given Gillings a unique perspective on the human experience, and he is willing to share what he knows to those who will listen.