Glass and Wearable Are Not the Only Things Google Inc (GOOG) Is Working On

The head of Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) X, or Google X – a semi-secret facility dedicated to major technological breakthrough, Astro Teller, told during an interview that glasses and watches are not the only things the company is looking at. The search giant thinks of wearable as a spectrum when it comes to devising latest gadgets.

Teller said that there are single-purpose gadgets like simple pedometers to blood-oxygen sensors and heart rate trackers at the one end of wearable’s ecosystem. Now the advancements have enabled to send all data from such devices to the cloud and to our smartphones. At the other end of spectrum, there is Google Glass, Apple Watch and Android Wear and the enormous possibility of future-generation general-purpose devices.

Teller added that the technological advancements would help develop wearable’s of future which could become the interface to replace metal and glass slabs we use currently.
Google X is also currently working on a research focused at developing rings to train human brains using slight vibrations, for things like navigation.

Google X head firmly believes in the process of evolution and explains the periods of early day desktop computing and the killer apps of those times like WordPerfect and VisiCalc. Teller said those apps made computers worth purchasable then, but those applications are no longer valuable to billions today.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) essentially made them look small in comparison.
Teller mentioned that fitness and health could be meaningful platform to promote the use of wearable’s among masses. If exercise is an important part of one’s life, there are likely chances that one may regularly use the smart band.

The evolution of such wearable in future may encompass important areas like environmental personalization engulfing one’s car, phone, computer, or even house. The smart bands could eliminate the need of reminding your physical and digital spaces that “It’s me!” several times a day.