Glass Bridge In China “Shatters” Under the Legs of Tourists

This glass bridge in China is perfectly safe, but even if you are not afraid of heights, walking here would cause you to feel dizzy. Once you take a look down and realize how high up you actually are, your legs completely “cut off” and you cannot move any further.

Now, to make things even scarier, the glass bridge cracks as you walk and it has been so realistically done that anyone would be afraid at least slightly. If you have vertigo, we recommend you stay away from this bridge.

Somebody has posted a video in which we can see the tour guide walking across the bridge when suddenly, the glass starts shattering and he falls to his knees and starts shouting. This bridge is located on the eastern face of the Tailhang Mountain in Hebei, China and there are 3,871 feet between sea level and the platform, while the people have a direct view down.

The administration issued an official apology to the frightened guide and explained that the glass is supposed to be proactive and that bridge is entirely safe. They design it so that when you walk, cracks appear under your feet and the sound of glass is so real that everyone would think that it is actually breaking.

Even though the people in charge are “very sorry that people got frightened,” they don’t plan to replace these tiles. Visitors who come here want to experience the adrenaline rush and what it is like to walk on a shattering glass bridge. However, there are some who would like to remove breaking glass effect as they say this could cause the heart attack for some visitors.

Watch the video here and tell us what do you think?