Google adds information on ballot to its list of voting aids

Google in addition to the effort it is putting in place to ensure that voters in the US get all the information that will enable them to vote in the election has added yet ballot information that can be found on its results for the Google Search. So when a user types in a query searching for who is on their ballot, full information concerning the candidates will appear including the information concerning the user’s state referenda.

A card that has the inscription “2016 election” will appear as the user types in a search query for “my ballot” and other related phrases.

The information that will be required by Google from the user is such information as the complete address of the user’s street and place of registration before you can have access to the details of your ballot. The search box will suggest that you make use of the location of your home in just a click if you have already been making use of the Google Maps.

Once Google is furnished with the information of where you are voting, it will equip you with the information you need concerning the candidates that are participating in the election at the state and national level. You get to see the candidate’s photo, name and the party they are affiliated to. You will also have the option to click on any other individual candidate and will be redirected to Google search for the information you are seeking. With that, you can get to know of the candidate’s website. A link to their Wikipedia site will also be made available among other news that pertains to them.

Google is set to embark on displaying the location of your polling place when you make use of its search to find out where you will vote or anything that is related to it.

The company says it is committed to adding data coming from each of the stats in few weeks time so that those that want to vote early or plan to physically vote on November 8 can be better informed. They will also see an option to either “Vote early” or to “Vote on Election Day” in a box that will be made available with the search results and will be located on top. There will also be links to requirements needed for voting as well as the ballot.

This new ballot information is just one of the many initiatives the company has embarked on to make voting readily and easily accessible to users of the web. Such things that the company has done in regards to the voting this summer includes voting information, registration information, voting information in Spanish with a creation of links that users can use to directly vote from the company’s homepage.

The company also said it is not restricting such data to itself but also making it accessible to 3rd party organizations that are interested in making use of their tool to integrate information on voting into the services that such organization offers.

Others that are offering help to aid voters are Twitter, Uber, Facebook and others.