Google rewards everyone for finding bugs on Chrome, six holes patched

Independent researchers had been rewarded after having reported errors in Google Chrome. On Wednesday, Google had fixed twenty-one of these reported flaws to the software. Six of these bugs were considered critical.

Software testers earned a total of thirty million dollars of reward money from Google for debunking errors on the Chrome browser. Seventy – five hundred dollars of which had been paid out to a certain debugger who unearthed the scripting error on Blink. The personality of this debugger remains classified.

In the security bulletin, Google promises to roll out updates in the next few days for Chrome. It will be called Chrome 54 and will apply to all three major software versions of the browser.

One of the bugs that affected Blink was the XSS bug. Korean researcher, Giwan Go, reported another error in Blink. Go works for security company in Korea called Stealien. However, Google did not yet divulge specific information about the discovered flaws.

There had been a total of five vulnerabilities found in Chrome. Cloudfuzzer caught another highly critical bug which earned him $3,000 reward money. This type of error enables wretched technicians to destroy computer programs. It makes use of the computer’s memory that has been momentarily released.

Two weakness were found connected to PDFium, the default PDF viewer for Google Chrome. Although, it is no longer very surprising that researchers discovered these vulnerabilities. Google had to fix several of such bug for the browser this year.

Luan Herrera found a bug that counterfeits website addresses. This researcher earned a thousand dollars for this discovery. Then he earned another thirty – one hundred dollars more for unearthing another coding error which caused people to wrongly identify some content as elements of the Chrome browser instead. He also had previously discovered another flaw sometime in the month of April.

Overall, there had been a total of six highly critical errors on Chrome which were patched by Google in just one single day. And Google had compensated quite a number of individuals for helping them to uncover these bugs.