Google Cloud goes East, four more regions expected in Asia

Four regions are set to be established in Asia. The American cloud vendor has confirmed. There is an increasing acceptance of the cloud from these Eastern countries. Google aims to stand out in this industry with its unique remuneration scheme and quality offerings.

Several Asian countries have welcomed Google cloud plans. Tokyo will soon join the ranks of those Asian countries supporting the cloud. That is expected to take place close to the end of this year. Even India counts itself in with its capital, Mumbai, taking the lead in using the service. Singapore, itself, already has two data centers operating. Japan’s capital has three. Sydney will also be joining the cloud.

What are cloud regions? You may call it a compartment in the Internet cloud which provides storage and other services to users of a certain cloud platform such as Google. Data centers, on the other hand, are the processors of customer’s requests for these cloud services. Examples of cloud services are Google Docs and Gmail. The regions are created in response to a consistent demand for such cloud services in a certain location. They are indeed very helpful for business enterprise operations.

As of the moment, only Taiwan is active in the Asian region of the Google Cloud. One European region is situated in Belgium. Three are in the United States. Meanwhile, Google has planned to add four regions in Asia, three for Europe and two in America.

Rick Harshman, managing director for Google Asia – Pacific, said there is a heightened growth of cloud users in Asia. They have observed an exceptional increase in growth rate by the hundreds. The manager, however, did not provide specific numbers for the population of Google Cloud customers in the Asia – Pacific.

Harshman told ZDNet in an interview that Google did not segregate its revenue geographically. He did reiterate that it had 2 million customers through G Suite across the globe. Google Cloud has served over 1 billion end-users worldwide.

According to the International Data Corporation, Singapore is the largest consumer of cloud services in Southeast Asia. It can possibly drive a revenue of one billion U.S. dollars in 2017. Harshman points out to this strong demand in the proliferation of the Asian cloud regions.

Singapore is also home to Google in the Asia – Pacific. Thus, Google is ready to face competition in the market. That is why it is working hard to make a mark on its pricing methods. Such unique structure provided them with greater flexibility towards it customers.

Harshman was proud to present Google’s discount deal for the cloud which was based on the customer’s actual usage of the services. Most cloud vendors give discounts on annual contracts which keeps customers tied up to a particular vendor for a long time taking away their freedom to choose the best services according to their needs.

Another pricing feature that Google is so proud of is the per – minute billing. The manager had also pointed that out in the interview. Additionally, customers can configure their own virtual machines where they can be charge according to their specific configuration. This is what makes Google Cloud different from other competing vendors.

The future of the Google cloud network is yet uncertain but their plans to extend service across the globe proves their commitment to achieve that goal.