Geely leaves Volvo, prepares to launch brand new car

Geely is getting the green lights on for its latest automobile this coming twentieth of October. Sources have spoken. This Chinese car manufacturer is hoping to extend its reach to the middle-class market with this new model.

Six years ago, Geely procured Volvo. Together, they developed the CMA platform for their brand of cars. It is this unique architecture that the new Lynk & Co vehicle will have its concept built from.

Reuters had reported about this sometime in April. However, no name had been revealed yet. They had only given it the name “L”. According to Reuters, the motivation for this venture was to keep up with the competition with other carmakers like GM and SAIC.

Volvo will be working on luxury cars for the upper class while Geely will take charge of the middle class. The codename “L” stands for Lynk & Co. Some sources told Reuters. Geely, however, gave no comments about this rumor.

Source:Reuters is the alleged holding site for Geely. It is sharing license and registration with Geely as well as a certain CEVT. The latter is subsidized by Geely for its R&D together with Volvo. Details on the brand are not provided on the site, however.

Stefan Lundin from Sweden confirms the launch of this brand-new vehicle on October 20. He is the spokesperson for CEVT. However, he refused to discuss further about this pursuit.

The market for Lynk & Co. is indeed stiff. The automobile industry had to battle in the Chinese market with its sluggish growth in the previous year. Fortunately, Geely was able to overcome the struggle. It had performed better in sales than many of its competitors.

The new car will first come out in the market in China. The United States and Europe will soon follow. Sources again have told Reuters in April.