Google copying its competitors?

Google provides many products and services. However, none of these products or services match their search engine advertising which is their most profitable business. Google does however face competitors in its areas of interest. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft all compete with Google in the same market to attract users to their products. Google therefore realizes that any time people use different search engines, Google does not get to show their ads which means less profits.

Other companies have products that stand up against Google’s products. For example, Amazon has Echo home voice assistant and Facebook has Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. These products pose a threat to Google since these products provide means to consume media and connect with other users and be productive without any need for Google’s services.

To safeguard their source of profits, Google creates products that will provide the users with the same services as those of their competitors and this may make Google seem like it copies their competitors’ products. Some of the products portraying Google in this manner are Daydream View which is almost similar to Samsung’s Oculus-powered Gear VR, Google’s Pixel which is similar in design to Apple’s iPhone, Google Home which is like Amazon’s Echo.

Competitors such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have assistants which are Alexa, Siri and Cortana respectively. All these virtual assistants use Microsoft’s Bing to search the web which means stolen business to Google. Even though the market they represent is small, continued growth will mean that Google will have been left miles behind by these companies.

Google relies on other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung to present Android to the huge market. Google should instead stop relying on these companies and make everything themselves. This way, Google will be able to have control over the software and the hardware platform it runs on. This will level up the competition and Google will be able to compete more effectively against companies such as Amazon, Apple and Oculus which control both the software and hardware.

This means that Google will have to come up with a phone which has an assistant and make it good enough to compete with the other companies such as Apple that has already updated their Siri in iOS 10 and Facebook which has VR video advertising.

Google created Android. However, Google doesn’t sell this product to manufacturers such as LG, HTC and Samsung. Instead, Google gives it to them for free. However, since Android is created by Google, they have integrated themselves deep into the operating system which mean that it is hard not to find yourself using their search engine or other services. This is the business that profits Google the most and is their leading source of profits. This is the main reason why Google has been used this much till now making it successful. Google should continue giving this competition.