Google Inc (GOOG) Angers Regulators in Europe after Failing to Implement ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Verdict

Regulators from the European Union are not happy with the way Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is handling an earlier ruling pertaining to the heated subject ‘Right to be forgotten.’ Bloomberg reports that regulators continue to receive complaints from the public on the unwillingness of the search engine giant to comply with the ruling.

Increased Complaints

Google had been ordered back in May to comply with user’s request to pull out some outdated or irrelevant material from it’s search results. EU’s privacy committee has in the recent past accelerated efforts in analyzing whether some of the giant search engine companies are complying with the newly passed regulations.

The United Kingdom is leading in the number of complaints with the information Commissioners Office having already received 91 complaints about Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s failure to take down some of the requested contents. Ireland, on the other hand, confirms to having received 17 complaints. The total number of complaints across the globe could be more, but Google is believed to have received approximately 120,000 requests. The Complaints are believed to be affecting 457,000 internet users according to the company.

Google Engaging in Talks in Europe

Data chiefs have not yet decided on whether Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) should be pushed to have some of the websites on it’s network remove content that makes up most of the complaints. Regulators at the moment have also not yet decided on whether Google will be asked to remove all the links related to the complaints regarding European views from sites in the U.S.

Google is currently engaging in constructive discussions with experts and its users across Europe as it tries to ascertain the long-term impact of the ruling the regulators. The most contentious issue at the moment is the fact that when Google deletes a link from its European websites the same content is always visible in the U.S.