Google Inc (GOOG) Enters Media Space Through ‘News Labs’ Giving Competition to Facebook, Apple and Twitter

Google MountainView Campus

As Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and Snap chat have already showed interest in leading the future of digital news; it seems that they have one more strong contender joining in the list. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), the search engine giant, has announced its new initiative named “News Lab”, which aims to revolutionize the way news is created and consumed.

New Project

The effort is initiated by Google’s Steve Grove, who will join hands with journalists and entrepreneurs around the world to lead the future of news. Grove said that his team would equip journalists with enabling tools such as YouTube, Earth, and Maps while they will also source data for news stories.

Grove is optimistic that Google Trends will be the most useful tool for writers as it will help them search the organized information and headlines on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Google also plans to work directly with publishers so as to fetch customized data, those that are most appropriate for their newsrooms.

Hot Spot

Over and above this, Google has already started collaborating with media start-up accelerator programs, which will help the greater participation of the public in contributing news and other information through the Internet. On this front, Google has already launched projects such as WITNESS Media Lab, First Draft, and YouTube Newswire.

Moreover, Google’s end objective behind News Labs is to produce high-quality information, which is both meaningful and accessible. Grove puts it that they want to be an innovator in the news so as to reach out to a larger part of the democratic world.

Google’s News Labs echoes the increasing efforts of Social Media giants to become the central point of news flow. This is evident from Facebook’s recent move of tying up with as many as nine news publishers to provide users with ease of reading full articles under its service “Instant Articles”.

Sources: Businessinsider