Google Inc (GOOG) Play Edition HTC One M8 Stops selling at Play Store, Ending GPE Devices Saga

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Play Edition (GPE) will no longer be available at Google Store, as the last of the brands on the shelf stores have now exited. HTC One M8 was one of the last one’s remaining, as the shelves of the store quickly emptied other brands throughout last year. However, it only leaves Google’s in-house device Nexus, in the race, if there’s a need for GPE devices at Google Play.

The story thus far for the GPE version on Google Play has been dismal. Initial line-up of brands was impressive; however, many failed to materialize including Galaxy S5. Later, Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, GS4 or the G Pad 8.3. Disappointingly other brands failed to replace these no-play devices.

As no reasons are issued from any of the stakeholders, for the withdrawal of devices, user community view the pricing is a major deterrent for the lack of sales. For example, the pricing of HTC One M8 model at $699, is considered pricey.

The Google Play Edition has an advantage because it ensures faster updates of software releases.

However, with no other devices being pushed or newer programs for the same being introduced, it appears it will be some time before GPE devices make their way into users hands. At least 2015, is unlikely to see them on Google Play shelves considering the lack of newer launches here.

Early in 2014, Google had issued confirmation of a limited edition White Nexus 8GB as well as the 16GB, but had stopped selling on US Play Store.

As Google Play may well be the way forward to push products, hardware, as well as software, pro-action and better programs are required. User community continues to look forward to positive moves which will sustain Android OS use and adoption.

As Google Inc now plans space program investment, GPE devices sales need to be well fledged-out!