Facebook Inc (FB)’s WhatsApp Prohibits Users From Installing Third-Party Apps

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s WhatsApp banned third-party apps, such as the WhatsApp Plus, disallowing users to operate the apps temporarily. The company has put a 24-hour ban on third-party apps, which it claims have no authorization from WhatsApp.

The online text service has already issued the ban for several users who depend on these third party apps. The issue has been raised at a critical time for the company when it also made a few announcements and updates to the app.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s WhatsApp claims that the users who rely on third party apps such as WhatsApp Plus and WhatsAppMD are violating the company’s terms of service. The company acknowledged the ban in a recent blog post as it went on to say that WhatsApp does not take responsibility for the authenticity of any such apps.

The company explained that none of these third-party apps were developed by WhatsApp and that these apps exploit the company’s network without obtaining authorization. In addition, WhatsApp also warned users that these apps could be dangerous and could pose a threat to people’s private information.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) bid to uninstall these unofficial apps, and they need to install the authorized version of WhatsApp to get rid of the ban. The move comes at an important time when apps are increasingly receiving threats from third parties.

Apart from this, WhatsApp made some significant new advancement in the app. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been rumored to be testing a new calling feature for the app. It is likely that the news is true although the company fails to officially confirm it yet.

However, the company did announce adding another feature to the app which would allow users to send messages from their desktops. The company said that the web service would be like a “mirror” to the mobile app. The service is still not available to Apple users.