Google Inc (GOOG) Launches Customer Match and Boosts its In-App Promotions

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has launched a new product called Customer Match to boost its add business and as well as help the company focus on in-app promotions. If you are interested in SMM panel app download, you can check

Customer Match is a tool that allows users to upload their list of emails that can then be matched to users who are signed in. The service has some similarities with the “Custom Audiences” service that was launched by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) two years ago. The company can then use this product to target its ads to specific audiences.

Google claims that Customer Match is an important tool for marketers because it overwhelmingly boosts their ability to focus on ads that are relevant to the target audience. The company gave an example of how the product will work using travel brands as the reference.

The travel brands can upload the contacts of the people on its reward program. The specific brands will then use this list as a reference to the same clients for targeted ads the next time they are searching for similar products.

Google is also going the extra mile by bringing new users the ability to find similar audiences using the same information. However, the targeted new customers will have to be signed in but not necessarily on the advertiser’s list. The service seeks out customers who share similar interests with the customers that are already on the advertiser’s list.

The company also recently announced that it launched the “Universal Ads Campaigns” that let advertisers run ads that encourage users to click ads to download various apps. The ads will be focused on the Google Display Network, Google Play, Google Search and YouTube. This is in line with the growing popularity of the apps install ads. EMarketer estimates that mobile apps install ads will push mobile ads by 10.4% of the total ads spending.

The products have been launched in line with the approaching ad week where firms will reveal their ad data.

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