Google Inc (GOOG)’s Recent Year Acquisition to Power Playlists in the UK

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is continuously working to make its Google Play service and variety of music content available in many more countries as quickly as possible. The company recently announced that it will be offering its “Concierge” playlists in the UK, marking the first international market for Google where it will be offering these lists.

The playlists will be powered by Google’s recent acquisition of the music curation startup, Songza, which was providing its services in the U.S.-only. Songza co-founder, Elias Roman, is now working on Google’s music curation technology. Roman said that the playlists will be created for the UK market by local editors while some existing playlists will also be carried over.

The Service Highlights

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) will keep its new service in the UK limited for customers who pay GBP 9.99 per month fee for the Play Music. In addition, the company will also leverage its YouTube Music Key beta, which will be bundled with Play Music subscription. The service can be accessed over the Internet as well as on mobile phones having Android or iOS Operating Systems. In addition, customers can also enjoy the music offline if they select their lists in advance.

Google first launched this service in the U.S. and Canada couple of months ago, using a mixture of real-person curation from musicians, DJs, ethnomusicologists and more to present with the most fitting selection of music based on specific moods, activities or times.

The Songza Advantage

Songza had 5.5 million active users before the acquisition by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Google facilitated Roman and his team to advance the Songza technology by harnessing the power of Google’s machine learning prowess.

Later, Google integrated the Songza technology to its Google Play service to offer customers access to curated playlists. The technology also strengthened Google’s position in Play Music segment to compete with the likes of iTunes Radio, Deezer and Spotify.