Twitter Inc (TWTR) Plans To Add A Location Layer To Its Platform

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) operates in an ever evolving and highly competitive space of social media, which heavily relies on ad revenues which are largely driven by user engagement. Hence, Twitter and other social media companies have to keep innovating to ensure maximum user engagement.

In a similar thirst, Twitter is looking forward to add geo-based features to its micro-blogging site, which could allow users with information that is relevant and interesting to their locations. Twitter is planning to partner with Foursquare to power locations in tweets, reported Business Insider, citing a source familiar with the deal.

Business Insider, however, reported that both Twitter and Foursquare spokespersons declined to comment about the partnership speculations.

Twitter’s Geo-Service Focus

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is also strengthening its location department. The company’s website showcases six vacancies available for geo engineering positions. More recently, the company also hired David Blackman, a former geo lead with Foursquare.

A Twitter spokesperson also acknowledged that the company is considering location as a ‘vehicle’ of discovery and is planning out for Foursquare-like geo features. Some of the features may allow users to update their current whereabouts, venue check-ins and local recommendations.

Focused Plans

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s executive recently noted that there are two location components of interest – The first is to understand form where the content is coming and where the conversation is happening and the second are places users care about.

The company also recently highlighted its focus on location-based features during an analyst presentation. The company also conducted a pilot test in a few major cities, which demonstrated that new users targeted with location-based content were more likely to revisit Twitter within 30 days than those who weren’t. Twitter will use such learning to figure out its location-based features, before scaling up for the global audiences.