Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Gives First Major Upgrade To Photo Editing App, Snapseed

The photo editing application, called Snapseed, that was acquired by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) in 2012, received its first update today. In the new update, the application will bring forth control, along with the precision of editing the pictures, just like professional software. The editing on Snapseed can be done on any device, ranging from mobile phone to tablet. The new edition of Snapseed will be brought for iOS as well as Android. The new additions to Snapseed include spot healing, intelligent perspective transformation, and tonal contrast as well as lens blur.

Snapseed Edition 2.0

The new edition of Snapseed will offer more power and control as well as precision to the user, when it comes to editing. A user will now be able to apply filters or effects to a few parts of the pictures by making use of the brush tool that will come with Snapseed. The major aspect of this app is that non-destructive editing has been given a priority to this application. There is a whole new “stack” of features, which allow you to re-edit the pictures that you desire, or also undo prior changes made to it.

The most interesting Snapseed update feature is that it allows a user to copy the edit from one image to the other, in case you need to maintain the uniformity across different images.

Google’s Snapseed

This photo editing application was acquired by Google in the year 2012. Later, a range of the primary features of Snapseed were brought over to the social networking site Google+ as well as the photo service. However, Snapseed is still giving more control to the users. It is capable of doing a lot more things.

The latest update of Google indicates that the company is looking forward to offer active development to Snapseed. Basically, it might mean that Google would target Instagram with Snapseed. At the same time, Google might have other targets in the way of its dart, and these include Darkroom, Pixelmator, Enlight and VSCOcam. It seems that the list of photo editing applications is infinite, and Snapseed is completely free to experiment all sorts of desirable features to infuse into it.