Google Inc (GOOG) Launches BigTable

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) on Tuesday announced its latest product, the new NoSQL-based database. The latest of its storage products is driven by its Bigtable system. The value-addition this product will give is its compatibility with another API, that of Apache HBase. The latter is a Google Bigtable Project as well.

Considering the fact Bigtable is the power-house database driving Google Inc’s email client services, besides Google Search. It is also the database driving the big-number cruncher, Google Analytics.

Therefore, the credentials of Bigtable are well established.

Taking the success of Bigtable to the Cloud, is the latest offer, Cloud Bigtable.

The service, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) claims will offer miniscule latency, as minimal as single-digit millisecond to deliver results. Additionally, it claimed that it would offer 2times higher per dollar performance when compared to its own HBase or the Cassandra.

Besides, its integration with HBase API will be supported. It also proposes to extend the support to other in-use applications such as the Hadoop ecosystem as well. There is scope for further integration with Cloud DataFlow.

Google Inc also claims that the starting of the database will be less than a few seconds. Apparently, the storage services will scale automatically as per end-users requirements.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) other key NoSQL database product, Cloud Datastore is already available on the App Engine platform. This product is used for web apps as well as mobile apps, where the focus in on read-heavy requirements.

Database services of Google Inc are all centered round the Bigtable. With the Cloud Bigtable, the support which large-sized companies need to process massive data is now solved. The idea of the Cloud Bigtable is to support workloads which are complex and require faster, and sophisticated processing technologies. With a single Cloud Bigtable as the resource, companies will be able to multi-task. They will be able to run data, analytics s well as serve data out from the same database.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Cloud Bigtable is currently in beta-phase is expected to drive prototype building in most businesses exploring this platform.