The Combined Rate of All US Tech Unicorn is Still Below Facebook Inc (FB)

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Unicorns of US origin are collectively valued at $211B statistics prove that it is still lesser in comparison to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Facebook is one of the kings of the Unicorn. To put in simple words, it is as per the sources, worth a mere >$100B. Many experts call it to be the super unicorn as simple because it accounts for about 50% of the $260 billion estimated valued companies existing in the realm. The aggregate rate of the US origin Unicorns is about $211B. The exclusive list if affixed by “decacorns” such as Palantir-$15B, Snapchat- %15B, Uber- $40B, Pinterest-$11B, SpaceX- $12B, Dropbox- $10B and AirBnB- $10B. These are the cumulative rates of all 57 privatized US VC supported firms which are worth $1B or above!

These accumulations of firms are presently valued above the Titans of tech such as namely- Cisco, Amazon, Intel and several others. Among the exclusive line of NASDAQ 100, only Microsoft, Facebook and not to forget Google, comprises of a higher market cap in comparison to the US Unicorns which are privately held.

The report analysis reflects the relative rates of these Unicorns to some of the renowned NASDAQ firms. Like for instance the Unicorns are valued at about 7.94 Netflixs, about 7.79 Intuits, or about 1.19 Amazons! To put it in another way, if the Unicorn fail all of them at once, it would still be parallel to 1.19 Amazons.

These unicorns or for that matter super unicorns such as Facebook, Amazon and Google are still considered rare and hence is why they are called super unicorns. Each of them has more than $100 billion and only three are born in each decade.

Experts who are conducting research regarding Unicorns and super unicorns have said that every major tech innovation gives rise to about one super unicorn. These companies are really effective and are changing the lives of people.

Here is a list of some of the NASDAQ enterprises as per the reports which make this concept clearer:

  • The Netflix ratio 7.94
  • The Intuit ratio 7.79
  • The Yahoo ratio 4.94
  • The eBay ratio 3.05
  • The Qualcomm ratio 1.86
  • The Cisco ratio 1.50
  • The Intel ratio 1.42
  • The Comcast ratio 1.38
  • The Amazon ratio 1.19
  • The Facebook ratio 0.92
  • The Microsoft ratio 0.62
  • The Google ratio 0.57
  • The Apple ratio 0.29