Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android Lollipop Market Share Rises 80%


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been witnessed that in recent times the market share of the Android lollipop is increasing by 80% – Reveals sources!

According to the recent figures conjured up by Google, it has been discovered that the adoption of Lollipop version of Android is seemingly increasing.

The Google Android cellular OS continues to be on the upsurge. From a recent smartphone OS research conducted by the IDC on Tuesday, it was discovered that the Android platform exceeded above 81% of the worldwide handset shipment.

Many experts have said that it is unbelievable to see such a remarkable achievement and that too in just 6 years. Stats reveal that the percentage of the space of Android handsets at the start of the April was about 5.4 %. But within this short span of time, the fifth version of the Android handset OS is now presently 9.7% communicating with Google play store. This implies that the increase in demand month by month basis is a massive 79.6 %.

The executive Director of Strategy Analytics Neil Mawston said:

Android has become the first ever smartphone operating system to ship more than 1 billion units in a single year.

Reports suggest that in April, many anticipated that increase of 10% would be attained by the commencement of Q2. But with the current state as it is, these experts believe the June report shares to be in double digits.

Google primarily conveyed the fifth version of the Android OS on a market share which was lesser than about 0.1% in December 2014. That however jumped to 1.6 in January, 3.3% in February and by the time it reached March it was well passed the 5% mark. The expected jump is said to be almost by another 5% by the time it reaches April. And if it happens it would be considered as a great achievement as well as wonderful win for the Android family.

Experts also believe that if the 10% barrier is reached then there would be emphasis in developing Android 5 Apps only. This will not only flaunt the newest app variant of the OS but also assist elevate the sales for users looking for unique and compatible handsets.

Presently Android holds the market about 80.7% this year exceeding its previous tally which was 78.5%. However experts believe that the bulk of its success is mainly due to Windows, Blackberry and other platforms.