Google introduces Duo with Household Objects

Pretend like you are selling a product or commodity that resembles Apple’s FaceTime, but there is a problem here – Apple has launched this FaceTime in question many years ago, so you are left with the challenge of getting people to listen to what you have to say or your product?

When Google, therefore decided to launch Duo, its version of FaceTime rival, it knew very much that it was a personal product. In order to move people into using it, they had to devise a means and this led to the creation of two-conversation of 5 that are little. You would have thought that these conversations would be carried out by grandpas and grandsons, or perhaps friends that are insincere or simply by lovers, no, they are carried out by the objects you have in your home.

It may sound chilling, but I think they did a marvelous job with it. such objects that you see include jelly and peanut butter who share a very lovely relationship, but you would be surprised at the way they drop the call after receiving one. Then you have two socks who are always in the habit of looking for the other.

Then there is cream and coffee whose friendship is such that is envied by many and who rely on each other in situations that are challenging. Next, you have the toothpaste and the brush who also share a very good relationship though they had been friends and broke up, but nevertheless became friends once more and frequently get together to share the latest gossip.

After these ones come the pepper and salt who have not had life on a platter of gold. For salt, working hard was very important, and this is why pepper is always sad that it doesn’t see its dear friend salt as often as it wants. Salt is demanded by all and this is why salt works late nights most time. From the way it is going, we would be surprised if they head for divorce which will break our hearts considering that they two look good together.

With these advertisements, the world is like to change the way Google Duo is doing at the present. The products are easy and alluring which has made Google wonder why it never ventured into it many years back.