Dallas Cowboys Badly Miss Tony Romo In The Fourth Quarter

Source: www.ibtimes.com

Tony Romo has often been criticized for always making a bad play when the game is on the line. Grant it; he did make some crucial mistakes for the Cowboys in the past. But, he is still a very good Quarterback and one that is really good in the final quarters of games.

Dallas Cowboys went 1-11 last season without their long-time starting QB. And they had won just one game in past 17 games when Tony Romo wasn’t on the field. An interesting fact is that 6 of those 11 losses were the one-score game. If Romo was there to lead his team instead of whoever was backing him up, things would probably look different.

Romo actually has the second best Quarterback rating of all time in the fourth quarter (102,7), trailing only Russell Wilson (103,4). He has a better QB rating in the final quarter of the game than Brady, Rodgers, and Steve Young.

Even tough Dak Prescott had a decent debut on a Sunday afternoon; there is no doubt that the offense would have been better with Romo behind the center. His health and durability are still questionable, but his skill is not.

Source: www.usatoday.com

Hopefully, Dak Prescott can keep this team in the race for NFC East’s top spot and then let Tony Romo win the race for the Cowboys. Dak is the future, but it looks like Tony Romo is still the present of this squad.