Google introduces Pixel, special feature lures iPhone fans

By the end of this month, Google is set to present its first-ever smartphone. The Pixel Phone is ready to tread on the market alongside other huge smartphone brands. Its promising feature is the ability switch files from iOS into an Android phone as easy as pie.

In the United States, Google had already made public this new smartphone in one big event.

AMOLED is a type of mobile phone screen that is good for high definition displays. The Pixel employs this kind of display in its mechanism. There are two modifications to this new mobile phone. There is the regular Pixel as well as the XL version. Both are equipped with this AMOLED screen with 1080p Full HD resolution. Its battery also charges quickly and the processor moves fast.

Another stunning feature of the Pixel is the fingerprint scanner which mounted on the back portion of the mobile device. Its exterior face is done with premium metal.

The Pixel is conveniently up for grabs at the Google Play Store. You can get it at a starting price of £599 or about seven hundred and thirty dollars. EE as well as Carphone Warehouse also offer a special deal on the item.

Google has very big dreams for their premiere smart mobile device. They have high hopes that this one astonishing trait of the Pixel will persuade iPhone fanatics to transfer base.

What’s inside the box with the Pixel? It comes with a special adaptor. This peripheral device enables the Android phone to receive data coming from an iOS device. Users of the iPhone are given the ability to switch data stored in their iOS to the Pixel. They only need to attach a cable between each device. The transfer process takes only a few, quick minutes.

The release of the Pixel has definitely been targeted to the high-end market. Its price competes with that of the iPhone and Galaxy S7. The easy transfer of content from an iOS is Google’s hope for the Pixel to win in the market. It must be put in mind, however, that individual apps are not included in this feature. You cannot transfer iOS apps to the Android. Users will need to purchase the app again from the Apple store which will cost them to spend a lot of money. had very good impressions of the Pixel during its launching event. They were especially drawn to the Pixel XL. Although the exterior design may not be as flashy as the competition, the Pixel smartphone is well-built over all.

The only obstacle for the Pixel to get sold out is its steep price. It is matching its price with the United Kingdom’s iPhone.