Google Maps comes up with a new feature for Pokemon Go

The craze about Pokemon Go still exists widely, and the game has been one of the most popular in the previous months. However, it seems that original enthusiasm has decreased slightly which doesn’t stop Niantic from adding some new cool features and tricks for Pokemon Go players. Although this company parted ways with Google, they have decided that it is in their best interest to develop the game together.

From now on, you can use Timeline feature to update your activity. When the option “catching Pokemon” is selected, that means that the game is played on user’s phone. A Reddit user GoldLeader272 recognized this new feature designed by Google Maps.

According to the Android Police, in order to access it, once you are inside the game, go to “Your timeline” and then enter “catching Pokemon” to the travel icon. So far, this has been the only appealing innovation related to the Pokemon Go. As much as Google Maps makes this game more interesting, the app will not be facilitative in catching or informing you where the Pokemon will show up.

It is not suggested to use this Timeline feature often because Google Maps made sure that the feature stays hidden. The main characteristic of the Timeline is that it shows your movement and what mean of transport has been used. Also, it measures time, so you can see how much time did you spend chasing Pokemon.

In the meantime, Niantic focuses on a new Pokemon Go update which will include a new buddy system while the players will get assistance while trading their Pokemon’s. The fans of this game will have to wait for the tracking features to be repaired, although the exact date of when it will be done is still unknown.