Google will launch Shop the Look feature to help search and shop efforts

Threats have been coming up for Google search and it remains to be seen if they will be sufficient enough to upstage the giant. Most of the content is being created nowadays is simply shared through the social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, and the stories can’t even be properly indexed for a search on Google.

And in the very small cases that Google is actually successful in getting the content onto the search site, getting the image is just as difficult. Google needs the image if they are going to make the most out of the searches and monetize it with ads. However, Google is an ever evolving company thus their continued dominance and therefore they seem to have found a way to work around the problem.

The solution is however for fashion related content for the time being. A new feature entitled Shop the Look is being introduced by Google which would allow users to see outfits that will be posted by fashion bloggers onto the search results.

Google plans to source the content which will be used in the feature from the rewardStyle’s This is a company that has been letting fashion bloggers make money through the social posts made on their site. The company sends users an affiliate link from their site through influencers and then people can buy the products which are featured on their posts. For example, if a user likes a picture on Instagram, links will be sent to the user to be able to purchase all the items which were contained in the photo.

However, a question still stands on how Google would still use the content and its associated data. Google will plan to help users in several ways, one which includes, if a user types cocktail dresses, then the platform will try to bring in all pictures from the social media influencers which would be a match to the search inquiry and matches the description.

When the user then clicks on one of the pictures, then a gallery which contains all the items of clothing which are in the picture will come up, and they will be accompanied by a link to purchase the products.

Of interest is that Google is at the moment integrating the Shop the Look campaign with its Shopping campaign ad product. Therefore retailers can create ads for their products which would appear on the results.

The news is of paramount importance because they can now get some traffic which has been directed towards other social media networks such Instagram lately, and also it will be helpful to fashion influences who primarily use sites, and they can make a living. Google is a wide based network, and if they can input their designs into the search results, it means they will have wider and broader user penetration.

The partnership between Google and rewardStyle is still inits infancy, therefore there is no revenue sharing agreement agreed yet. However the revenue will likely be split three-ways between the influencer who created the product, rewardStyle and Google.