Google Should Blame Itself for Confidential Info Leak: Atty for Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

Google Android

Google should blame itself for the disclosure of highly confidential information including its financial results from Android operating system and its revenue-sharing agreement with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), according to the attorney representing Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) in the Java copyright case.

Oracle’s attorney, Annette Hurst fired back at Google after the search engine giant criticized her for disclosing extremely sensitive information during a court hearing on January 14.

Google said Oracle lawyer’s disclosure was improper

According to Google, Atty. Hurst improperly revealed “extremely sensitive information” from documents that were marked “Attorney’s Eyes Only.”  The search engine giant said the “public disclosure could have significant negative effects” on its business.

“Oracle’s improper disclosure has resulted in confidential information being leaked to the press, with confidential financial information relating to Android serving as the headline in Internet press reports,” said Google in a filing.

The search engine giant also said the details of the financial terms of its agreement with the iPhone maker were not disclosed to the public. “Both Apple and Google have always treated this information as extremely confidential.”

Google lawyers did not object to Android financial info disclosure

Atty. Hurst explained that she disclosed the confidential information in response to the question of the federal judge. Atty. Hurst revealed that Google generated $31 billion in revenue from Android operating system, and the search engine giant paid $1 billion to Apple to keep its search bar on the iPhone.

According to her, the lawyers representing Google at the court hearing did not even object to the disclosure of the revenue and profit information.

“Google was not surprised about the subject matter of this hearing and the scope of what possibly could be discussed,” said Atty Hurst.

The transcript of the hearing on January 14 in connection with the Java copyright case was posted on the electronic docket of the court in San Francisco. Bloomberg reported about Google revenue from Android OS and its $1 billion agreement with Apple based on information from the transcript, which was no longer available for public view in Thursday afternoon.

Google requested that redact most of the sensitive information the transcript, and accused Atty. Hurst of misconduct. The search engine giant also asked a hearing on February 25 before the magistrate, who previously refused to seal portions of the transcript.

Atty. Hurst warned that Oracle is expected to repeat citing Google’s financial information to support its case that the search engine giant needs to pay damages for integrating the Java APIs on the Android OS.

“The magnitude of Google’s commercial exploitation of the Java APIs through Android is at the core of the dispute, both in connection with fair use and in connection with monetary remedies,” said Atty. Hurst in a filing on Thursday.