Google Inc Suggests Not To Rely On Google Maps To Search for Missing Plane

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) advised the concerned people not to search for the missing plane through Google maps as it is not the live satellite field. A couple of days back, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing. Today is the fifth day of continuous search, and some citizens informed the authorities that they have located the missing airplane after searching through the Google Maps satellite images.

Images are not real time

Google Maps shows various airplane images, and most of the citizens believed that it is the missing Malaysian airplane, which is showing in the pictures. One of the readers called the authorities and pinpointed the location of the missing plane at the Vietnamese island of Cau Ma Thien Lanh, located south west of Ho Chi Minh City. Another such individual said that the location of the missing plane is somewhere close to Kenyir Dam in Terengganu.

To clear the confusion, a spokesperson from Google Malaysia said that various pictures will be seen on Google Maps, but they are not live feed and may be of several weeks or months ago.

“Yes, the images may be there, but it is not real time satellite images as the images may have provided to us several weeks or months ago,” he said. The spokesperson added that the pictures shown on the Google Maps or Google earth are contributed by the third party, and one such image would have been posted by these contributors.

“These images which are captured would sometimes contain images of airplanes usually on its flight path and cannot be presumed as a possible crash site,” he added.

Indoor maps for India

In separate news, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) launched indoor maps in India to further strengthen its presence in the map viewing space. Android, iOS and personal computer users can now locate the floor plans of 75 places in 22 Indian cities. These 75 places mostly comprise of shopping malls, few museum and convention halls. The shopping malls and other spaces are located mainly in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, but few of them are situated in Raipur and Ludhiana.

Three days ago Malaysia Airlines MH370 went missing from the south coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea with 239 passengers on board. A fatal disaster is expected to occur, which engulfed the flight and the passengers. An extensive search and rescue mission was started involving 40 ships and 34 aircrafts from nine different nations, but there is no sign of the aircraft yet.